Function Room

Professional customized exhibition space

We are ready to meet your business requirements. The annual visitor to Kuanzhai Alley, the window of Chengdu, has reached more than 3 million. Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu, the landmark of Kuanzhai Alley, is the first Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel worldwide. At Diaoyutai Living, customized exhibitions are available to international brand customers. Relaying on perfect facilities and services, the exhibition space over one thousand meter square turns to be an ideal platform for brand conferences, brand shows and brand activities.


• Luxurious interior design 
• Spacious and column-free banquet space 
• Complete banquet equipment incl. lighting, projection and internet
• Audio and video equipment, in/out door display 
• Office equipment and business assistance  

We are ready to serve you with our best service to make your business a success

Kuanzhai Alley is considered as the window for understanding Chengdu. Domestic and international visitors visiting Kuan Alley reaching 7 million person-times yearly. It is a good platform for brand exhibition.